Living on a budget!

Living on a budget!

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

I am sorry that I am doing another kind of money oriented blog, but I just love to do them because I love ways of how I can save money and make the most out of meals ETC.


So to live on a budget you firstly need to go less expensive supermarkets such as WAITROSE AND TESCO! For those who live in USA or somewhere else in the world. I wouldn’t know, and I apologize for that! BUT you need to go to cheaper shops such as ALDI and ICELAND because these types of shops can give you a lot more value for your money than these bigger shops. AND to live on a budget you need to buy products that will last you a long time such as pasta and rice. Rather than buying packet sauces for example that will only last you for one meal. It is so AMAZING on how much money you really can save if you shopped around, the money you save on food can go to something that can make memories such as having an holiday!

I will give you a list of UK prices from the three shops that I have listed so you can have an idea!


BREAD £1.35


BREAD £0.50


BREAD £1.25

The breads that I have listed from ICELAND and WAITROSE are the same brand of bread! But ALDI doesn’t do that type of bread that I can see on the website!


That the food products that are not ‘branded’ have less additives and preservatives the reason how I know this is because I have checked it against many branded foods we own and non branded and there is a difference. SO YOU SAVE MONEY AND YOU ARE HEALTHIER..


I have done this blog to give you an insight on and how you can save money when you shop! But in know way am I saying I am an expert it is just from what my parents say and by watching programs on the TV! Stating this!


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