My life lessons!

My life lessons!

Hi everyone I hope you are all well wherever you are in the world..

Would you like to hear my ‘life lessons’? If so… Carry on reading..



I always feel that when I was younger (even now!) I do act sometimes very immature and I sometimes do know that. But that is who I am.. But that is one thing that I have learned is that I need to know when to be ‘mature’ and immature’ and when is the right moment. Which I have learned. Because when I go to ‘AGE UK’ to do my volunteering I do act ‘mature’ and I would like to think that I do! But there was so many times that when I was in lower school I tend to sing out loud on the bus and do silly things.. JUST BE IMMATURE for my age.. But the way I see it is if you are always mature you would potentially a ‘boring’ person with no charisma or emotion. THIS IS JUST ME!


As I have grown up I have realized to be more considerate of others.. BECAUSE when I was younger (a few years ago!) I was a right pain.. To my parents.. If I did not get my own way I would slam the doors and throw things at my mum. Which I very much do regret. It did take me a while to adjust to though as my mum’s boyfriend ‘Richard’ did take my phone away for about 4 months. AND that really did straighten me right out. Now I don’t have any problems. If I do its only occasionally (but we all do at times) I AM SO GLAD THEY DID WHAT THEY DID.


I have learned to not lie anymore because when I was younger I used to lie quite a bit. But now I know not too. Because lying gets you into more trouble than it’s worth, If anything I say too much now than I should rather than just tell a small white lie.. But what I said to myself is that I will always want tell my mum EVERYTHING because I love her and because when in years to come I pass away I would’ve wanted to know that I had told her everything, and nothing was kept from her.


This is my favorite ‘life lesson’ this is all about ‘money’ because quite a lot of the time I am so bad with money, but the reason why I do see this as a life lesson is because when I was younger I used to get pocket-money and I would save all of it! But now I have my own part time job. I find it harder to save money. BUT I KNOW I CAN DO IT! So this year I am going to show to myself that I can save money, and ENJOY it at times with my friends.


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