I don’t want to miss you again

My heart dances with joy
That you are back home;
What a sweet day for me!
That I can see you,
And touch you again;
And feel my heart
Burn with joy,
That you are here with me
No more am I like
A chick abandoned
By mother hen;
As mother hen is right here;
So much I value you
My dear;
And want you ever near,
To give me the company
That my heart yearns
From you.
Shall you leave me again?
That would be to dash
My emotions on a hard rock;
Promise me you will not;
And keep that promise
Once its made;
Never forget
My heart burns
With love for you;
And I do not want to miss
You again.

Dedicated to Sammy when she returned to the SIWO family after a long absence. Let us love everyone with a deep but selfless love as our Lord and Saviour commands us to do.


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