Poem No. 29 from 100 poems for my sweetheart

The only treasure I want

The sweetest one I know;
You are sweetness itself;
Tell me if you are
Honey or nectar;
You are the loveliest creature
I have set eyes on;
Where were you manufactured?
You are my golden girl;
Many distances conspire
To keep us apart;
Time and space
Working hardest to do this;
But woefully
They have failed;
Already our hearts
Are solidly knit together,
Never ever to be
Torn apart;
Let them do what they may,
Nothing will stop
My heart from burning
For you.
No barrier will stand
On my way.
Even if you fly to heaven,
I will continue to love you.
You are the only treasure
That my heart desires.
Silver and gold,
I will not take;
Nothing do they mean to me
As long as I have you.
All the content of my heart
Is joy because of you.

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