Today is the greatest blessing

Today, you may take for granted;
Are you aware of your doing?
A great error it is;
Today is your greatest blessing;
Imagine you were refused today!
Would you be here?
Not at all;
Having today is having life;
Had God not given you today,
You would be in the next world;
Today is a gift to be valued,
And well utilized;
So easy it is for this gift
To be refused anyone;
Many are those who were here
With you Yesterday,
But do not have today;
And here you are my friend,
Freely enjoying this gift;
It’s a priceless gift;
Thank the author of your life,
The one who controls
The heaven and the earth,
The Almighty, all powerful God,
For the wonderful gift of today.
The greatest blessing
We all have everyday.


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