I call on you

I call on you
My friend,
To pray
First thing when
You get up in the morning;
To pray
As you go about your life
This day;
To pray
Whenever a difficulty
You encounter;
To pray
To thank God
For all your blessings.
I call on you
To be strong
And know that life
Is not for the weak
But for the courageous;
I call on you
To be wise;
As wise as a tortoise;
To make wise choices
That will bring you
I call on you
To think before you act;
To look before
You leap;
To be conscious of
What you are doing.
I call on you
To maintain a positive attitude
Everywhere you go;
And in everything you do;
Never say it cannot be done;
Always look for a way
To do it;
I call on you to know that it can be done.
If you do as I say,
I assure you, you will do it;
The Lord
Will see you through.
You will have a good flight
This day;
You will not crash land;
You will soft land.
You will succeed.
Go take your flight now;
And remember;
Don’t forget, remember.


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