It was quite amazing

I did not get to my mark yesterday.

I was not disappointed though. I had done the best I could. But it was not my day to shine as brightly as I desired. That is a normal thing in life.

The sun does not shine on all days; neither does the moon and the stars.

Although I would loved more, although I did not get to my winning point, many still look at my second position with a lot of admiration.

I have reason to celebrate.

I also have the opportunity to emerge champion in the next round; and in this particular case, the next round is already on.

I am starting earlier than usual just because I didn’t reach target yesterday. Can you see the point?

I am turning a stumbling block into a steppingstone. Let’s meet at the end of the day to compare notes to see how far this has gone.

That is being straight on the way to it – to where I belong; and you too: the top.


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