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If you are a student or intending to go to school, normally you would like to excel in uyour studies. Nothing stops you. Such an ambition is a legitimate one. And the good news, you can do it.

I’ve read a number of posts since getting up this morning.

I must say destiny took me to Academic Excellence 2 by Doyin on her site Doyin Musings. I enjoyed reading it so much I had to go look for Academic Excellence 1. Thank God I found it.

Doyin, who, in her own words, and I agree, is “A young, beautiful and smart Queen writer whose heart is ever panting for God and how to grow and attain excellence in this divided world” gives sound advice which everyone pursuing studies should read.

I reblogged Academic Excellence 2.

If I am writing this, it is so that many young people may have the opportunity to read this sound advice. I know it will make a big difference in the academic lives of many who will read it attentively and follow what she says.

Academic excellence, of course, opens the door to greater opportunities that can lead to an excellent life.

Doyin walked her talk as a student and bagged a First Class honours when she graduated.

All good parents like to see their children excel; but I know some children won’t listen to their parents when they start urging them to shun laziness and work hard to succeed.

But if you find someone who has lived what she is sharing especially with her own results to testify, wisdom demands that you pay heed.

I do hope that many young people will read Academic Excellence 1 and 2. If some parents are reading this, please, help your children read them.

Please, click below:

Academic Excellence-1

Academic Excellence-2


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