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What type of mindset do you have? A fixed or a growth mindset?

What does this mean?

Donald Arteaga has done an excellent job on his site Dons golden blog to explain to us what this means.

Visit Fixed vs. growth mindset.

You will understand why some people grow and some do not; and whether you are set to grow or not.

The way Donald explains this subject makes it so clear and can actually transform your life.

It’s amazing how this man who was diagnosed with autism in 7th grade got his turn around. The story will thrill you: Autism and defying the odds.

It’s simply a question of mindset; and this is our concern on SIWO – to help our readers move from a fixed to a growth mindset.

A good word for that is transformation. We like you to acquire a billionaire mindset.

Once you get the mindset for something, the thing follows doesn’t it?

Enjoy reading.

On SIWO we select for you the best reading material we come across for your growth to excellence.

Stay with us and don’t get lost in the ocean of literature to read on the web.


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