How determined are you?

I am determined to make it;
As determined as Ronald Reagan
If not Abraham Lincoln;
Did I say that to you before?
Matters not if I did;
Repetition drives home a point;
This is of utmost importance.
Nothing shall I allow
To stand on my way;
In the like of Abraham Lincoln;
Don’t forget Francois Mitterrand;
And Jacques Chirac;
And Barack Obama;
John McCain;
And Hilary Clinton;
Challenges will come,
But I will face them squarely;
Obstacles I will find,
I will clear them;
Where I have decided to go,
I will go.
What I have decided to do,
I will do;
I will achieve the goal
I have set for myself;
That is how determined I am.
Are you determined?
How determined are you?
Absolutely necessary
That you be determined, my sweet.

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