Keep sending them

Keep sending them to me
O Lord,
The people I need
To accomplish
The mission you’ve assigned
To me;
Keep sending them to me,
The people who know
What I don’t know
And who will do the part
I can’t do;
So that I fully do
What you want me to do
For you;
Keep sending them to me
O Lord,
I can’t do it alone;
I am nothing without them;
Keep sending them to me
You know millions
Are still by me unreached
Whom you destine
To journey with me;
To do the work you’ve
Entrusted to me;
Keep sending sweet people
To me;
I love those
You’ve so far sent to me.
The best souls they are;
Who make me love
What I do;
And do it with joy.
Keep sending them to me.


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