Hope for the rainbow

As you pursue
Your goals and dreams
In life,
If you find yourself
In the middle of
The storms of
The ocean of life,
Which from all sides,
are bombarded on you,
And the hit as a hammer
On a nail,
Bear in mind
Life is a struggle,
Despair not;
Battle on,
All your wisdom and energy;
Hope always for the rainbow
To show its head
In the horizon.
Such is the nature of life;
Never has it been easy
Nor will it ever be;
From when you are born,
Till when you depart
From this world,
It is full of challenges,
A ceaseless battle;
You must fight on
While hopefully waiting
For the sun to shine,
If you relent or give up,
You will be swept off
Your feet by the storms.
Hope for the rainbow,
It will come.

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