You are stronger than you know!

You are stronger than you know!

Hi everyone I hope you are well, wherever you are in the world.

I hope your 2019. Is bringing you nothing but happiness.

Lets get straight into shall we?

SO. Sometimes I do struggle with my confidence, but then I feel we all do at times, because it is how we feel about ourselves! Because when I was younger I got bullied, and that has really given me low confidence. But what I am getting at! Is if you make yourself BELIEVE you are stronger than you actually are. THEN YOU will be a lot more confident and you will feel like you can battle anything and everything! Because for an example.

Just lately I am deciding what I want to do when I leave sixth form, because I leave very soon! (Help!)  in about 3 and a half months time, and because I am doing ‘health and social care level 3 diploma) I really would like to do something within health and social care. But with everything. You have to start at the bottom. WHICH means I have to become a carer or a healthcare assistant. Which I now do realize! But because of my confidence. I am bit reluctant into doing certain jobs that would be out of my comfort zone.. Like doing personal care! AND also potentially seeing people die! Which is something I have never wanted to experience. BUT WHO DOES? But just over the last two days. I have had a positive mindset and because of that. I feel I can do anything.


Our mental health is so important and the way we treat it. BECAUSE anything and everything can make us feel so happy or so sad. It is about finding the right things that make us happy.

Because I am doing health and social care level 3’ I can write about certain things I am learning about! If it would be an interest to you. Please let me know.




Lauren Rogers




Hello, I am Lauren (18) and I write about anything from my life, to inspirational thoughts, ANYTHING really! (Because then I am happy with what I write, and hopefully there will be something for everyone) I hope you can feel comfort and reassurance, with what ever post I decide to write! Thank you! Lauren Rogers

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  1. Attitude goes a long way. If you are confident, it shows. Your reactions to things will either make or break you. I believe we must teach from our hearts. Children, and adults can tell if you are sincere, or just putting up a front. I believe we walk into a room either full of peace, and joy, or looking for peace and joy. I believe no one person ever satisfies a person who is always seeking happiness. When we settle what we believe, and mean it, the peace is more likely to be there with us. Frankly, I believe in being confident and knowing who I am. It comes across differently to people, but my confidence is in the Lord. Really.

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