A love family of the world

Come, let a love family
We build;
Solid as the word itself;
Where love alone
Is the binding force;
The cement that seals
The blocks;
Together and inseparable
Like one;
Each other’s keeper we will be;
Our love will be far stronger
Than blood,;
No knife will be solid enough
To cut apart our bond;
That is the family
We should build;
Color shall no barrier be;
Nor language,
Nor geography;
Nor culture;
Nor time;
Nor age;
Nor religion;
Nor politics;
Nor money;
Nor power;
When love is out to bind,
Nothing is strong enough
To obstruct;
It’s like water that must
Find its way.
Are you already in this family
Of which I talk?
If you aren’t, come in;
Let’s build a family we love;
Built with bricks of love;
Stones of love;
All the building material
Is love;
Walls of love;
Roof of love;
Ceiling and
Floor of love;
Love in every corner;
Love everywhere;
That is the family we want.
That is the family we love.
A love family of the world.


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