Strongly worded letter to Liars

Hello friends,!

Are you aware that we have been putting our heads together, putting our ideas together, to send a strongly worded letter to Poverty? If you have not yet given your contribution, please, stop at the comment box and drop in your own thoughts of what we should tell Poverty. I already made my contribution but let me add: “Poverty, stop being wicked, and leave people alone.”

I know some people may not be interested in addressing Poverty. Maybe the so much poverty around does not hurt or worry them. But if your heart is filled by “the milk of human kindness” as I know you are, you will be worried about the so much harm being caused by Poverty. Why not tell him a bit of your mind? Please, join us in the comment box and vent yourself.

You may equally be fed up with the lies, the false information, rumours going on in the world. I am mad about those who spread such lies – the liars. Let us join our voices and tell them our minds. They are destroying all of us. Let me start.

Dear Liar,

Why are you so wicked? Why are you spreading lies all over. You have invaded the media. You are deceiving people causing confusion. Are you not ashamed?

Please. continue this letter. Tell these Liar what they deserve to hear. If they have made you mad, pour it out. Let them know you are crossed.

Over to you!


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