Appreciate what you have!

Appreciate what you have!

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

I was inspired to write this after watching ‘Billionaire Boy’ by ‘David Walliams’ the reason why is because after watching this film it really did resonate with me and it made me feel something that I had never felt before. BECAUSE over the years I always was so fascinated with ‘money’ and how ‘rich’ I could come. But now I realize that ‘money’ isn’t ‘EVERYTHING’ and that your family and friends are always going to be much more important than ‘materialistic’ things.. Although ‘money’ does help it doesn’t show love and content… If ANYTHING it causes arguments.. But within the film. It really does show the reality of how ‘money’ can still not make you happy even if you are a ‘billionaire’ Because the boy and he is dad were so poor at the start.. AND overnight they were ‘billionaires’ but the boy was happy for a few months.. BUT soon after he was sad again.. BECAUSE he did not have any friends. He wanted to be treated normally for who he was. NOT for his money.


Thinking about this. It is also made me think about the people who are homeless or who live below the poverty line.. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!

I came across a video of a homeless person talking about he feels so disgusted that the government hasn’t helped him. He was an EX Soldier who fought for the UK. AND THEY WON’T HELP HIM. It makes me so sad! He said “What they have done, the country, have forgotten their own” Is this right?



Lauren Rogers




Hello, I am Lauren (18) and I write about anything from my life, to inspirational thoughts, ANYTHING really! (Because then I am happy with what I write, and hopefully there will be something for everyone) I hope you can feel comfort and reassurance, with what ever post I decide to write! Thank you! Lauren Rogers

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  1. GREAT post! We have similar issues here in the US. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making money and having nice things. The key is to own the things and not let them own you.

    To your bigger point, it’s clear money has been used as a tool to divide us. It’s not just homeless veterans, but workers and everyone else participating in the system. The system is designed to use up ordinary people, usurp their aspirations, and redirect them in directions productive for the elite and their interests.

    I’ve been fascinated for years with this mantra that there’s not enough to go around. To me, that’s been a perpetuated scarcity designed to disempower people and make them believe they have no chance.

    The system, as it’s currently designed, won’t help us. The best answer for now is to help each other, help ourselves, and understand that we are amazing creative forces capable manifesting the lives we all seek.

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  2. Great post, when we read in the Gospel of Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus tells us when I was a stranger you welcome me, when I was sick you visit me, when I was hungry you fed me, naked and clothe me. This is what all should be doing by sharing with others in any way possible. Each Saturday morning before eight I head to a big supermarket (here in Pa) and I get large baskets full (4) of bake goods and I bring them to our local food pantry, if I didn’t do this the story would throw it all out. What a shame, we waste too much food here in America and knowing there is so many people who go to bed hungry and they do without

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  3. Lauren, people always have this misconception that once the money is coming real fast, then they’ve got everything they want. But that isn’t true. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness. I had a friend who worked as a fitness coach in Brentwood, Los Angeles. If you don’t know, Brentwood is where the x factors Hollywood and entertainment celebrities lives. It was while he trained their rich children that he got to see firsthand that, behind all those glamour and expensive cars, hid unhappiness. Their children were the loneliest he had ever saw. And guess what? It changed his perception about money forever

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