A strongly worded letter on Temptation

Dear lovely people of the world,
Are you aware of how dangerous Temptation is?
Are you aware of the immensity
Of destruction
That this fellow has caused
In the world?
Do you know
That the world would have been
A far better place for all
Without Temptation?
Please, beware of Temptation!
Wherever you are, and whoever you are,
If you see temptation approaching,
Take flight;
Take to your heels;
Run for your dear life;
Temptation never moves
Without a secret agenda;
And his agenda is always,
And I mean always,
A destructive agenda;
Temptation is thirsty to destroy;
To pull down.
Beware my friend,!
Beware of Temptation;
Temptation is not to be trusted.

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