Born for trophies

Special message
For you;
You are a winner;
I know very well;
You were born
For victories;
To win;
You were born for
Your victory will
Always come;
I have no doubt
Whatsoever about it;
All the qualities
Of a winner, you have;
No impediment
Will stop you;
People will try
To halt you,
But they will fail;
You are a rocket;
Those who attempt
The impossible
Of blocking you,
Will always end up doing
The opposite – propelling you
To the limelight;
From where you will be
Better seen,
And better heard;
And that is
How your victory will come.
How it has always come;
How it is coming right away;
How it will come in the future.
How marvelous!
How sweet!
Never forget this;
Put up this message,
Where you will see it
You are meant to be
A superstar;
A legend.
Carry this in your mind;
In your heart;
Wherever you go.
To God be all the glory.

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