Is there truly a God?

Over the years, since the beginning of life on earth,
Starting from our first parents,
There has always been doubt in the minds of some
As to the existence of God;
Is there a God or there is no God?
There are many who believe
There’s a God;
Their faith in a Supreme Being who is called God is unshakable.
There are others who do not believe; to them there is no God; and belief in God is a scam.
To believe or not to believe,
That is for each individual
To decide;
I have opted to believe;
There must be some being
More powerful than me;
More powerful than men
Who are more powerful than me;
We come into the world not by our volition;
We are brought in,
By who?
If not by a being more powerful
Than us;
We are taken out, not by ourselves,
But beeny a being more powerful
Than us;
Since our first parents on earth,
That same being has been there,
Never dying;
But we come and go;
That ever living being
We are told is called God; and that he revealed himself to us;
I came and met that name;
I will go and leave that name;
It is insignificant
Whether I believe or don’t believe,
Billions of others
Taller than me,
Fatter than me,
More handsome than me,
Cleverer than me,
Richer than me,
More powerful than me,
More successful than me,
Believe in God;
Wouldn’t it be haughty of me?
Stupid of me not to believe;
I have been taught to be prudent;
If I believe there’s a God,
And there’s a heaven
Where those who believe
And live righteous lives
enjoy eternal life;
If I die and find there’s no such place, what have I to lose?
But if I fail to believe
And I die and find
Truly, there is eternal life
And I am excluded,
What do I do then?
I am warned to be wise;
And be prudent and believe;
You too my friend;
Be wise, don’t be foolish;
Don’t be a foolish virgin;
Be prudent and believe;
I believe;
And I thank God
For creating me;
Creating the world;
Grant us the grace, O Lord,
To be exactly
What you want us to be!
May you touch the haughty hearts
To know they are nothing,
Here today, gone tomorrow,
But you live forever.
Bless our faith as you did to our father Abraham!
Do you believe in God? What do you say about those who think differently from you about God?


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