The unchangeable formula for success

Do you know a poor village boy who rose from the slums to prominence?

How was such an exploit possible?

How did he sail through the stormy sea of life to an ivory tower of greatness?

I daresay it was the unchangeable formula for success.

What elevated him is what catapults hundreds and thousands of people the world over from rags to riches; from oblivion to stardom; from darkness to the limelight.

Notwithstanding that someone is born in the most remote corner of the world, if such a person is determined to pave their way to the top and rank among the most prominent of humans, it is feasible.

The unchangeable formula is:

  1. know what you want;
  2. be determined to get it;
  3. go after it with all the energy that you have;
  4. and never stop until you have it.

It matters little whether you are a man or a woman, neither does it matter what the color of your skin is or what language you speak.

Your determination is more important than your background.

If you shun fear, doubt and discouragement; are determined, and wed determination to struggle and persistence, awe inspiring results cannot eschew you.


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