God decides

The mystery of the universe Will continue to intrigue human minds.
The creator alone chooses
What to reveal to us.
He decides what we know,
And what we discover;
When we make breakthrough technological advancements
As what we are witnessing
In the world today,
Common minds will give
The credit to human ingenuity. It is nothing of the sort.
It is always God’s doing.
When he wants to take us forward
In our understanding
And exploitation of
The rich potential
Of the universe,
He reveals it
Through human beings
Who come out with incredible inventions.
What we have in the world today
As modern communication technology
Is an insignificant fraction
Of the ingenuity of the Creator’s mind;
That he has generously given
To us
Because of his love for us.
It is what he has decided
That we should know.

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