Why God gives people power

Have you ever asked why God gives some people power?

By power, we are talking of political power, intellectual power, financial or economic power, physical power, language power, talent etc.

God gives people power for a divine purpose.

But when they fail in that divine mission, there is disaster.

He does not give you power so that you work against him.

He gives you power so that you work with him as a partner in creation; to take the world a step or steps towards its destiny.

And the destiny of the world is excellence – heaven; when good will overcome evil and everybody will enjoy.

If you use the power God gives you to promote evil instead of good, you are using it for the wrong purpose.

It means you are fighting against God instead of working with God.

That is an abomination; an abuse of power and also a waste of precious time; seeking your doom.

Such work does not yield positive fruits. It yields Negative fruits otherwise called evil.

Some one cannot arm you and you turn to use the very arms against him.

Often, people are deceived to think that people do this and get what they want; and go free.

They only appear to get what they want; and also only appear to go free. They don’t. The problem is we always see only one side of such people. They have a down side which makes them not as enviable as they look.

We have seen how people in high positions who abused their power paid dearly for it. That is the point.

If God blesses you with power of any sort, use it only for the glory of his name. You will be blessed.

If use it to work against Him, you will pay for.

Do you know some people who used their power to work against God’s plan for humanity and paid dearly for it? Please, share!


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