Debate topic 1

Topic: Democracy is not the best form of government. It has done and is doing more harm than good to the world.

Are you for or against democracy?

State your points. You are free to give as many points as you like.

Come back and counter any speaker who says what you do not agree with.


2 thoughts on “Debate topic 1

  1. I’m for though I know that democracy is a utopia and is quite an exaggerating world.However,it might be wise to bring a contrast to the different kind of societies. Democracy is the only system of government that actually allows us to express ourselves freely without any oppression or whatsoever.But,again I think that the world don’t need any utopia to based itself.We are an upside down society and whatever boon we tend to do,it will always have it counterparts.
    I’m uncertain whether I’ve answer the question because this question was quite hard😊

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