Debate topic 2

The world will be better if old people hand power to young people. Young people are not irresponsible or incapable as the old ones who cling to power claim.


Are you for or against? State your points.


3 thoughts on “Debate topic 2

  1. This year I’ll turn 18 and I can safely say that youngsters are motivated when their hard work are being rewarded.Now coming to the question,the society clearly shows that maturity matter little compare to age by placing elders as leaders.The question is what about maturity then?What about qualifications?Let me say that maturity is not a quality owned by old people only.Young people can still be much mature than their elders.In Mauritius,there is a concept of promoting an old person over a young fellow with better qualifications but aged 25.Is that equity?I think we should all think about that seriously because this is not how the world will progressed.Surely we must working hand in hand but this must be done in a fair condition.

  2. As long as they choose wisely…

    Since some young people are highly intelligent meanwhile others eat detergent…

    “Aim small miss small” Aim for those who are truly willing first, which is easy to find out with all the social media and global surveillance monitoring and analyzing us daily.

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