Be inspired today 37 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

If a sweetheart doesn’t care
About your happiness,
That sweetheart is merely
In name
And not good enough for you;
If a loved one can afford
To cheat on you,
That loved one
Is not good enough for you;
Do not cry about it;
If your own sweetheart decides
To abandon you in the cold,
That sweetheart
Is not good enough for you.
Do not worry a tad
That you have been abandoned;
Be strong and prove
You can do without them.
Don’t give that fellow
A chance to boast they’ve dealt
With you.
Be happier without them
Than with them.
Someone better,
More noble,
More worthy,
Is waiting to embrace you,
To start a new life;
The sweetest life ever.


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