The mystery of death

There is no sting
And 👎more painful
Than the sting of death;
No sorrow can surpass
The sorrow of loss
Through death;
Death is a mystery
God alone understands;
Death never rings a bell;
Death can come at any time;
Death comes when it likes;
Death may be delayed
But cannot be stopped;
Death does not hate anybody;
Death loves all;
Death cannot be bribed;
Death is incorruptible;
Money cannot stop death;
Power cannot stop death;
Influence cannot stop death;
Everybody fears death;
Nobody is too rich to die;
Nobody is too young to die;
Nobody is too handsome to die;
Nobody is too beautiful to die;
Nobody is too responsible to die;
Nobody is too powerful to die.
No amount of fear of death
Can stop death;
Prayer may delay,
But cannot stop death;
Do not pray that death may not come.
Pray that you may die a good death;
That you may not die
Before the appointed time
By God.
That you may accomplish your God-assigned mission before your death.

2 thoughts on “The mystery of death

    • Thank you, Julie. Bitter truth. Wish it had been otherwise, hahaha! Billions have gone through this since the world began. Millions will still do unless God some day decides to change things which we know cannot happen as He himself has already made clear.

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