Who is to blame? (Be inspired today 53 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Who is to blame?

Stop blaming wrongly;
Things have not gone
As you want;
You blame Bad luck
For coming to you;
You blame Good Luck
For not coming to you;
Bad Luck blames you
For making him come
To you;
Whereas you hate him;
Good luck blames you
For going away too early
Before he came to you;
So he did not find you
When he arrived;
As you were already gone;
The blame game fills the air;
So who actually is to blame?
Is it Bad Luck for coming?
Good luck for coming late?
Or you for inviting Bad Luck;
Or leaving too early
Before the arrival of
Good Luck?
If you have an answer,
Don’t keep it to yourself;
Share it in the comment box.
For me,
I would say
Stop blaming;
And do what is right;
Stop leaving too early;
Good luck never hurries
To come;
So don’t hurry to leave.
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