Women of the world by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Women of the world;
Wherever you are;
Love and peace to you
International women’s
Rights day;
Hold your head high
As you celebrate this day;
Be proud to be a woman;
A mother to men and women,
A wife to a man,
A daughter to parents,
A sister to a brother,
A friend to a friend,
Your challenges are enormous,
So too your opportunities;
You are up to every task;
May woman stop being victims
Of domestic violence!
May gender equality hurry
To become reality
Everywhere in the world!
It is not by mistake
That you are a woman;
It is by divine design;
Crafted to be the flower of
The human spirit;
The source of beauty
Of the human heart;
The sun
That gives light
To a dark world;
Honey to sweeten the tea of life;
You are moving gold;
And incomparable
Together with men,
You mould tiny creatures
Body, mind and soul
From birth to vibrant men
And women;
Kings and queens;
Great warriors;
Great peace makers;
Of the world.
In pain you are there;
In sorrow, you are there,
In moments of joy,
You are a joy;
Happy women’s day to you.


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