Women’s Day Special

International Women’s Day

The respect of women in Indian culture has been given great importance. There is a verse in Sanskrit- ‘यस्य पूज्यंते नार्यस्तु तत्र रमन्ते देवता:That is, where the worship of women is done, the deities reside there. But in the present circumstances, women are being insulted everywhere. By treating him as the “thing of enjoyment”, the man is ‘using’ his way. This is a very worrying thing. But considering how to respect women, while maintaining our culture, it is necessary to consider it.

Mother always be respected

Mother is mother in the form of mother, in her most holistic form on earth. Mother mother Mother is considered to be more than God, because God’s birthdate has also been a woman. In the context of Mother Devaki (Krishna) and mother Parvati (Ganpati / Kartikeya) we can see it.

But in the changing times, the children have reduced the importance of their mother. This is a worrisome aspect. All are being immersed in wealth and self-interest. But in the form of a mother giving birth, women should be respected, which has been reduced in the present, this question is being spreading four times like the questionnaire nowadays. The new generation should observe about this.

Girls are stabbing

If we look at girls nowadays, we find that these girls are fighting a lot nowadays. They can be seen moving forward in every field. Girls are moving fast in the merit list of various examinations. At some point they were considered weak, but they have earned proficiency in every field on the strength of their hard work and intellectual power. This talent should be respected.

All the life of women passes through the shoulder joint with the man. His childhood passes first in the umbrella of the father. Even in the father’s house, he has to do the work of the house and also continue his studies. This sequence continues till marriage.

During this time, the dual responsibilities of study and writing along with the work of the house have to be done, whereas during this time there is no other work than boys. Some newcomers do not even study properly, while they do not have any other work. From this point of view, the woman always walks with the shoulders on the shoulders, but also discharges more responsibilities from them. Woman is also respectable in this way.

Post marriage

After marriage, more and more responsibilities come to women. After the service of husband, father-in-law, devar-nunad, they did not have the time for themselves. They keep the crusher bulls maninde in the house-family. After the birth of a child, his responsibility increases even more. When the life of a common woman passes in the house-family, chowk-stove, it is not known. Many times they strangle their arrows too, for the sake of family and family. They do not get enough time too, they live for themselves too. Indian women are at the forefront of making their own home for the sake of family. His sacrifice for the family makes him respectful.


It is done by women in the form of a mother to perform rites in children. All of us have been listening since childhood that the mother of the children is the first master. The personality of the mother has both positive and negative effects on the children.

Taking the history, Mother Putlibai gave birth to great sanskar in Gandhiji and Jijabai Shivaji Maharaj. The result of which is that even today we know Shivaji Maharaj and Gandhiji due to his excellent deeds. His personality is vast and unique. By giving better rites, the child can make example in society, women can do the same. Hence the woman is honorable.

Culmination of indecency

Nowadays women are getting the closeness of indecency. Every day I read and read in newspapers and news channels, that women were tampered with or gang rape were done. It will be called moral decline. There is hardly any day when there is no news on the indecency done with women.

What is the reason? Day-to-day pornography is increasing in print and electronic media. It has a very bad effect on the mind-brain of the young man. They start thinking about its implementation. The result is a heinous and abominable crime like Delhi gangrape. It is important to consider the honor of women and to protect her identity, it is also important to protect her honor and identity.

Clothing is also a reason

Some ‘modern’ women’s attire does not even make sense. Sex is increasing due to these garments too. These women are thought of in a different way. They think we are modern. This idea can not be called fair. This crime can not emerge from the fact that due to their clothes, this crime has been inspired.

From history

Some famous women like Goddess Ahilyabai Holkar, Mother Teresa, Ela Bhatt, Mahadevi Verma, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Aruna Asaf Ali, Sucheta Kripalani and Kasturba Gandhi etc. have illuminated their name in all the world by their word of mouth and action. Kasturba Gandhi played an important role in liberating the country by joining the shoulder of Mahatma Gandhi with his left shoulder.

Indira Gandhi has influenced India and world politics on the strength of her determination. They are not called iron-men. Indira Gandhi did not lose heart despite the demise of father, husband and a son. Like a rugged rock, he worked in his karmakashetra. Former US President Ronald Reagan used to call him ‘clever woman’, because Indiraji was also fluent in politics with speech and tactics.

In the end…

In the end, we would be right to say that we respect every woman. As a result of not understanding the neglect of female feticide and the importance of women, the number of women is not even half as compared to men. Humans should not forget that only after being given birth by the woman, she has found existence in the world and has reached here. Denying or insulting it is not right. In Indian culture, due to reasonably respect given to Goddesses, Durga and Lakshmi etc., it should be given proper respect.

International Women’s Day


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