How to start your day (Be inspired today 71 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Have you had a day in your life which started on a bad footing and throughout the day everything went wrong?

Once, a taxi driver started his day on a bad footing, and throughout the day, what he experienced set him thinking.

At the end of the day, he resolved on how to always start his day.

That resolution is good for everybody.

This is what happened. He got angry with the first person he met that morning – his wife.

The first passenger who stopped him that morning offered to pay only a hundred francs instead of the normal fare of 250 francs.

That angered him. Second anger.

The second person made the same offer. Again, he became angry.

The third person did not make an offer which meant she had her normal fare. The problem arose only when she got to her destination. She pulled out a note of two thousand francs from her handbag and expected the driver to give her change of 1750 francs.

The taximan almost went mad. It was too early for him to have change. He was just starting work that morning.

Secondly, the accepted practice was if you are boarding a taxi and your money needs change, you inform the driver so that if he does not have change he does not take you.

The taximan got really pissed up because, not only had he wasted his time, but also, he had worked for nothing – energy wasted.

The degree of his anger was so high he started driving roughly. Before long, he hit a car in front of him.

In fact, it was a real bad day for this man. It looked like he had been bewitched that day to move from one mishap to another.

When he got back home in the evening and reviewed his day, he blamed the so much I’ll luck he had on the way he started the day – with anger which meant he started on a bad footing.

Instantly, he resolved never to start his day on a bad footing again, but always on a good footing.

This is a resolution that is good for you and me as well. In fact, it is good for all.

Start your day on a good footing. Evade or overcome every temptation to start your day on a bad footing.

Don’t start any adventure on a bad footing. Always start on a good footing.


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