That is me (Be inspired today 79 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

My mind is like a dark sky
Rumbling like hells ocean
In the sky;
Waiting to let loose
Its anger on the earth;
Life is such a mix of realities;
The good;
The bad;
And the ugly
Journeying together
Hands in gloves;
Moments of clear vision
Happily married to
Moments of vision blurred;
Dark clouds hanging
In the sky
Alternate with bright sunshine;
Everything is so unclear;
As we speak,
I don’t know which way
To go,
Which direction to take;
All doors are closed;
And an uphill task;
To find the Key,
To open the door;
Discouragement stands closest
To me
Posing like a best friend
In difficult times;
I get a full taste
of frustration;
With the back of success
Turned on me
And seems not ready
To change its course;
That is the reality
Of my present time.
Yet, I will not crumble;
The wind will toss the tree;
But won’t uproot it;
The tree will bend left and right,
And come back to position.
That is me;
That is my stand.
That is how I will remain.

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