The strongest wings (Be inspired today 88 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you are counting
Who are brilliant,
I am not among them;
If you are counting
Who were born
With silver spoons
In their mouths,
I am not among them;
If you are counting
Who have special favours
At the workplace,
I am not among them,
Yet, If you are counting People
Who will make it big,
I am among them;
You can count on me
To outshine my spoiled mates;
Do you know why?
Though I don’t have
What they have
I have what they lack
And which happens to be
What matters more:
Faith in my future;
A positive attitude;
Passion for my work;
My ability to persist.
I wasn’t born with them.
I cultivated them myself;
And they have placed me
Far ahead of many
Of my mates
Who were born with silver spoons in their mouths;
Or who have powerful godfathers.
I will outdistance them.
Nothing can surpass
Your determibation to succeed;
Your passion for what you do;
Your commitment to hard work;
And your ability to persist.
Without these qualities,
Or God father
Will take you nowhere.
With them you can fly
To any height;
They are the strongest wings
Anyone can have.


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