Nothing will stop me (Be inspired today 90 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

How comes
I spent so much time
On a thing,
And it gets
So little attention?
This is not what
I expected;
This, I won’t lie
To you;
I am disappointed;
Truly disappointed;
Who can accept
To work like this
For nothing?
Work in vain?
So much in vain?
I find it hard
To understand
How I can work so hard,
And so little will
Come of it.
When I was laying my trap
I knew I would catch
An elephant;
Hardly did I know
Instead of an elephant
I would catch a rat.
But let me assure you;
And I mean nothing
Will discourage me;
Nothing will stop me;
I won’t allow that.
I am going after
The elephant
Until I have it.


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