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Former First Lady Michelle Obama On “Becoming Obama” Book Signing Tour

Michelle Obama was full of smiles as she signed her book, “Becoming Obama” at Barnes and Noble bookstore in New York. The Telegraph showed how the camera had captured her the previous day, the book your will involve a number of cities of major countries.

Lovely Story Of Couple ‘Ecstastic’ After NY PD Found Ring Lost In Drain

When a British couple enjoyed a happy event of marriage proposal at Times Square, little did they know what difference NYPD would make to them. John Drennan and Daniella Anthony lost their engagement ring in a drain.

They asked for help but officers could not find it. The next day the couple flew back to England and went home to Peterborough. However, the NYPD officers had not given up and they searched further and found of it on top of rubbish 8ft underground.

As the couple did not leave their names or contact details, they were alerted through social media. John and Daniella said they were “ecstatic”.


Content- The Telegraph, Evening Standard


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