Dreamland (Be inspired today 99 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Start going up,
Bound for your dreamland;
You have been down,
Or have you been
On the same spot
For a long time?
It can be thrilling,
To start going up,
Can’t it?
It really can;
To start going to
Your dreamland;
And I talk from
It feels so good
To be on your way up;
To enjoy that feeling,
Start to go up;
Success is sweet;
And that is going up
To that wonderland;
It starts
With a decision;
Decide that no more
Going down,
No more dancing
On the spot;
No to backward march;
No to stagnation;
Enjoy the thrill
Of going up.
What a lovely thrill!
Going up;
Up to your dreamland.

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