My weird ambitions

I’m pretty sure that all you guys have had some kind of ambition when you were young, whether weird or the stereotypical doctors, scientists etc. And I was on the ‘weird side’.

I used to cook up pretty stupid ideas that I wanted to do when I grew up. So, in this blog, we shall take a trip to my eccentric ideas. Buckle up! (Includes pathetic attempts of drawing like a child)


  1. Pilot:
How to draw 101

As we all have, I was fascinated with planes and flights when I was young. My brother used to draw these long, custom designed planes in a notebook. I actually tried to submit a drawing of me as a pilot. But, I wasn’t able to draw as I was really young. I was really bummed by it. Suddenly, my brother comes and offers to help me draw. But oh boy, he finishes drawing the whole thing. I promise I didn’t cry and beg him to draw it. Definitely not. But, I told everyone that I drew it. And my brother agreed with it too!  (to my surprise <3 lol)

2. Eh.. Mall owner..?

Elon chan would be proud

I really like to visit malls. So, I combined my passion for flights with this mall craze and DISCOVERED a CRAZY MALL IDEA! Why can’t I create a mall that was taller than the height of atmosphere? And by achieving that, I can place a helicopter landing pad on top of that! *MIND BLOWN* 9000 IQ! *Hits a fat dab* (elon chan would be proud)

I actually got this idea because my cousin sister told me to. And the first thing she told was, ‘Do you remember that you wanted to build a mall?’



And sorry for the handwriting. I really tried to write like a kid but it didn’t work. Instead, it turned out like the letters in the eyes of the dyslexic.

I probably thought of a 100 different ideas for an ambition, but I remember only these 2.

The moral of the story is that:

                                “You are bound to be weird when you grow up,

                                          If you were like me younger” *laughs hysterically*



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