These amazing souls (Be inspired today 100 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I want to be like these
Amazing souls;
These men and women
I meet on the blogosphere,
Who teach me
To go out
Of my little self;
And meet people;
And give to fellow humans;
It’s not just about me;
About me alone is selfish;
It’s greed;
And what is ruining the world;
It’s much more about others;
Others are the treasure
I desperately seek;
That gold I want;
My golden crown
Will come from others;
Many don’t know;
That’s it – others;
They hold the key;
No others, no access
To Treasureland.
When shall I have this
Indelibly printed
In my skull?
Are you aware of this?
Take it in;
No others, nothing;
No others, no treasure;
No others, no success;
No others, no victory;
Help me O Lord,
To be like these
Amazing souls
Who know
The value of others;
And put others ahead,
Not behind me;
And go for others
Not waiting for others
To come to me.
I strongly want
To be like
These amazing souls.
I want to love others;
To treasure others;
And go for them always.

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