Inspired to inspire 1 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

She says WordPress is great;
Do you agree?
I do fully agree;
And if WordPress is great,
It is because she lies low;
Doesn’t take up her head;
Is trampled upon
By bloggers, and readers;
The great lie low,
All they know is service;
That is WordPress;
To make people happy;
And much of it for free;
Don’t you see the happiness
Of all the blogging world
Is their concern?
Their Happiness Engineers
Ever available.
Many thanks to you WordPress;
You show us love and concern;
Thanks to you,
So much love goes round.
We are trying to emulate
Your lofty example.
Keep helping us, O WordPress!

This post was inspired by the post If I become WordPress by Tanusri Chokhe to whom we express immense thanks.


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