SIWO Global News 8th- 14th December 2018 #226

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Costa Rica’s La Sylvia Recycles Tons of Plastic Bottles

To the observer, at first the huge speckled bundles as well as the green ones may look like artwork. In fact they are thousands of plastic bottles packed together for recycling. The La Sylvia recycling centre is in Barva, found in the province of Heredia, Costa Rica.

Lorry In A Balancing Act Of Charcoal And People

Transporting goods from the port of Matadi involves many types of vehicles. A 350 km journey to the capital of Kinshasa is a long trek and the drivers want to make most of the space on the vehicle. A lorry packed with seven layers of sacks of coal, other produce and people sitting high up and precariously on top seemed unbelievable. But works for them in the Democratic republic of Congo.

Spotting Rare Albino Squirrels In The UK

Extremely rare albino squirrels came up and down the tree in Hartfield Park in Eastbourne, East Sussex to collect hazelnuts. Grey squirrels with a reduction of melanin in their genes show up as albino. They have been spotted around the UK, where it is believed their numbers are as little as 50. Grangewood Park in South Norwood, London is another place where albino squirrels have been seen.


Content: The Telegraph- Pictures of the Day

SIWO REPORTER- Susanna Dziworshie

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