If I were money

If I were money
I would relax my rules;
I would not be too hard,
I would make myself available
To all;
I wouldn't discriminate;
Why should I prefer some people
To others?
I see people who
Work very hard,
Pray a lot,
Are very holy,
Are very kind,
And do a lot to be rich,
But money snobs them;
Money avoids them completely;
T think that is not fair;
I will not do that;
I will go to
Those who fight for me
Not through foul means,
But fair means;
If I were money,
And had a choice,
I would refuse to be used
For evil;
To buy guns and kill people;
Or to build walls
And keep some people out.
Instead, I would make life enjoyable for everybody;
In fact, I really wish I were money;
I would do so many things;
What about you?
What would you do if you were money?

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