The blessing of failure (Be inspired today 114 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Did I get it right?
The blessing of failure?
How can failure be
A blessing?
Someone tells me
Failure can be
An opportunity;
I am yet to understand,
If you do,
Please, enlighten me.
I take failure so badly;
I see nothing good
In failure;
But I keep hearing
Good things can come
From failure;
Tell me once and for all
Because I believe in you:
Is failure a bad thing
Or a good thing?
What is good in failure?
Shouldn’t I hate failure?
I am ready to listen
If you speak;
I am all ears;
Tell me what you know
About failure.
How do I treat it?
Positively or negatively?
Explain yourself.
Let me know why I shouldn’t
Just give up
If I fail.


5 thoughts on “The blessing of failure (Be inspired today 114 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

      • Well, just this year. I could not go to Germany last summer for various reasons and I am going this year. And I am glad it is happening this year because my research is going to be much better grounded.

        • Good to hear this. It is really true. Many blessings times when things don’t go well it is for our good. I got the story of the man who missed his flight and got saved from the plane crash that killed all the passengers. I know a girl who cried so hard because her boyfriend got married to another girl but later got married to a more caring husband and they are happily married. They man she missed turn out to be an alcoholic and aggressive husband.

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