“Hour-glass Figure”

Any idea about  Hour glass figure ??

This is one thing that every woman aspiring to be Miss World or Miss

Universe…dreams of !
Hour Glass Figure

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It’s said Women with Hourglass Figure and perfect waists are most attractive !
But then most ladies are not that fortunate. why ?
“We all have hourglass figures;Your sand just settles in different places”.
octavia Spenc
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As I was watching this lamp glowing in one corner of the room,I realised that
there is some attraction in the lights and shadows generated by the Lamp.


hour-glass figure

                       Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.                                      Jules Renard

The shadow from the lamp was such that it was resembling an Hour-glass, and
interestingly ,the appearance of the Hour-glass can be appreciated both horizontally
vertically with one difference , one being white shaded and the other dark shaded.

Have you experienced any such thing before?

Thank you.

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