Inspiration to love (Be inspired today 145 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus?

You are called
To love;
And love, you should;
Love all,
But trust none;
For love is
Far from trust;
Love, and be prudent;
Let no one abuse
Your love;
And if you are not vigilant,
That’s what will happen;
Be kind;
But be firm,
When it comes to
Right and wrong,
Stand strong;
There are things
That are right,
And there are things
That are wrong;
If it is right,
It is right;
If it is wrong,
It is wrong;
Do what is right;
Do not do what is wrong;
Accept what is right;
Reject what is wrong.
To love is right,
To hate is wrong;
Do not hate.
Love and only love.


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