Light after dark (Be inspired today 157 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do you see the rejuvenation?
The blossoming,
Sweet-smelling flowers
As spring takes over
The baton of command
From cold hands winter?
Springing in
New life of hope
And smiles,
With freshness, beauty,
And promise of bright
summer days streching out
their hand,
While the hard blows
Of winter get buried
Under springing flowers
And greenery,
May a new life of success
Bury the sweat
Of challenging struggles
Of hard work.
If you are going through
Winter of life
Have in mind,
Winter always gives way
To spring;
While summer waits patiently at the corner
For its own time to come;
As always it does;
Making the journey
More beautiful;
And more of a joy;
But sometimes scorching
And oppressive.
When you are going through
a dark night,
No matter how dark,
Do not lose hope;
It cannot last forever;
No matter how long it may take,
Day finally comes,
With its light.
Therefore, friend,
Always keep hope alive;
Always hope for better days.

My conversation with Diane following her post on spring inspired me to write this post. Thank you, Diane, for your inspiration.

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