My pearl (poem 80 from 100 poems for my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

In love with a pearl, I am;
Deeply in love with oxygen;
In love, I am, with someone
So precious, so sweet;
Someone so beautiful;
I cannot describe,
Neither can I say how I feel;
Or what is happening me;
My thinking is different;
I keep thinking of one thing:
This love of mine whom I adore;
I just am incapable of thinking
About someone else;
And far from being all, I don’t
See well again;
I don’t recognize any other one;
All I recognize is this love.
No matter where I look,
I see only one soul: my love;
The size of my heart’s increased;
It’s beat rhythm is faster;
And I feel heat in me.
That is it about my love.
It’s simply not easy,
And this sweetheart is not even aware
Of what I am going through;
My honey does not know about my burning fire of love.
And do you know who this pearl
Of mine is?
If I say guess, you may not;
This pearly teasure of mine
Is no other than you.


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