The Gospel is moving (Be inspired today 168 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

The Auxiliary Bishop of Bamenda, the energetic, Bishop Michael Bibi continues to sweeten the hearts of the traumatized people of his part of the country with his penetrative homilies.

The people here thirst for the reassuring words of the Lord more than ever before in the face of the trials they are having.

Many of them have been killed, many homes have been burnt down, many have lost dear ones and property, many have been displaced from their homes or have no homes.

Bishop Bibi has been going right to the hills and forests where many of them are hiding to celebrate Mass and call for a spirit if love, reconciliation and peace as prescribed by our heavenly Father.

Wherever he goes, Bishop Bibi is warmly received as faith in the Lord is the only hope the people have.

Here are more images of Bishop Bibi in the field:

We hope the Lord will hear our cries and bring this traumatic situation to successful end.


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  1. Congratulations (Auxiliary Bishop of Bamenda) Ngobesing Suh Romanus on your reveal. Loved seeing the outreach work you are doing in your area. Thank you for letting us see and share your real work life.

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