Let’s be leaders (Be inspired today 182 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When one day ends,
Another day begins;
Each day comes
Carrying on its head,
Its own load of realities
Weighing it down;
A mix of blessings
And challenges;
Though more challenges
We, in our numbers
And negativity tend to see.
Each day comes
Challenging us to leave
Our comfort zone
And dare to venture
Into new territory;
To explore,
To test,
To discover;
To conquer;
To either lead or follow;
Who will take the challenge?
As for me,
I will;
I will venture;
I will risk;
I will think outside the box.
I will leave my comfort zone
And lead the way;
I wasn’t born to follow;
I was born to lead;
I know the way;
I will move;
I know where to go;
And how to get there.
And what I don’t know,
I will learn;
Follow me!
As I take the challenge;
As I leave my comfort zone;
As I think outside the box;
And lead the way.
What of you?
If you want to lead with me,
Let’s go!
Jump on the train;
Others will follow us.
Let’s not be folliwers;
Let’s be leaders!

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