Respect for all

Some people take delight in talking down to others;
They think they can look down on other people;
They have a condescending attitude;
Feeling on top of the world
This is not the best attitude to have;
If God blesses you more than others,
You are still required to treat others with respect;
After all, no one knows tomorrow;
You could be up today and down tomorrow;
Or you could be down today and up tomorrow.
All humans, made in the image and likeness of the Creator, deserve respect no matter their situation in life.


3 thoughts on “Respect for all

  1. We judge by the outward appearance, but God looks on our hearts. What we hide is not hidden when He looks at our heart. In fact, God knows us by name, and by character. Study the Bible. It tells you right away what the author thought of everyone. God wrote the Bible, for men who were moved to write, were the ones who wrote down things with His Presence on them. Inspiration of the Word happens when we read it for ourselves with faith. Faith comes by hearing the Word, and acting on it.

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