Proud Catholics Movement worldwide gains ground

The Proud Catholics Movement Worldwide is gaining ground. More and more Catholics around the world are joining and expressing their joy to belong.

The Proud Catholics Movement Worldwide is a Virtual Ongoing Formation Forum to continuously build the faith of its members and keep their passion for the Catholic Faith burning.

By grounding themselves more solidly in the Catholic Faith, they will be emboldened and their confidence enhanced to proudly share, defend and fight fair for their faith.

In this forum experts shall be called in from time to time to give enlightenment on important aspects of the faith.

In short, Proud Catholics movement Worldwide is a faith sharing and faith building forum for Catholics who are proud to be Catholics, have resolved to die as Catholics and wish to get the most from their Catholic Faith.

If you are Catholic and Proud to be one, you can join simply by joining the whatSAP group:

Join the WhatsApp group “Proud Catholics worldwide”


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