🌻🌻 SIWOPC : 8 Lines Poetry contest 🌻🌻

Hello everyone!!! 🌼

I hope you’re doing great!!

Well, SIWO is back with its poetry contest, with a little twist this time πŸŽ‰

~ This poetry contest is titled as “8 Liners“. You have to write a poetry having only 8 lines. ~ ☘️

🌼 Rules:

1. Participant must be a follower of our blog. ( If you do not use WordPress, you can still follow us by entering your email ID )

2. Participant must share this post on their blog.

3. Participant can share their entry on our blog, or on their blog and comment the link below, or send us through an email on the email ID given at the end of this post.

4. Use #SIWOPC in your post title and in the subject of the email.

🌈 No theme! 🌈

🌸 Contestants from around the globe are invited 🌸

☘️ Winners will be given badges and recognition ☘️

~ Deadline : 30th April, 2019

~ Results : 1st May, 2019

β€’ For any details or queries, feel free to contact :

Amulya Bhardwaj at bhardwaj.amulya615@gmail.com

Or Preeti Gusain at pg426707@gmail.com

Blessed- Be ! 🌞

Note : That the SIW is no way responsible for any written piece of any poet. That is totally the writer’s responsibility. If found to be plagiarized then it’ll be deleted and the badge/prize may also be withdrawn.


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